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THE SMOOTH RETURN COURSE Transition to life as a working mum with ease. 

Explore the features that prepare you to thrive at work and at home. 


Stop going round in circles and finally decide on the next step to take in your post-baby career


Create a solid plan for securing the flexibility you need in your current or the the next oppotunity


Know how to leverage your strengths so that you can bring your A game at home and at work

Rave Reviews From Our Students. 

The course forced me to face up to the situation and start thinking things through - i think it was great timing to do it at this stage of my leave, as now I feel more confident putting a good return to work plan in place, and have enough time to do so. by then planning this way, it has taken a lot of the anxiety out of the looming return so hopefully I can really enjoy my last few months of leave more"

— Isobel Sita-Lumsden, Marketing Director


Hi, I’m Janine Esbrand.  

I am an executive coach, lawyer and mother of two young children.  

I was excited to embark on my motherhood journey four years ago. Maternity leave was fantastic. I loved spending time with my little man and teaching him new things about the world.  

Then the time came to contemplate my return to work as a corporate lawyer and things seemed to get complicated.  

I wasn’t sure how to navigate my post-baby career. I wanted to continue in the career I had worked so hard to build over the previous 10 years but I also wanted to see all of my son’s milestones.  

I now have a portfolio career where I run my coaching business and practice law. I am also mummy to two gorgeous babies (ages 3.5 and 1.5).  

I started my business because I wanted to support women during this transition period. 

I wanted to offer the support that I wish I had. I look forward to sharing my proprietary system for returning to work with cofidence and continuing your career beyond motherhood. 

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